Benefits Of An Afterschool Program

Are you considering putting your child in an after-school program? An after-school childcare program is a great option for parents with busy schedules. They provide a safe environment for your child after their school day concludes, and they typically cost a lot less than other childcare options. Improve your child's social skills During a regular school day, there isn't much time for your child to learn how to properly socialize with other children. [Read More]

Choose A Daycare Location Close To Your Child's Grandparents

It often makes sense to choose a daycare for your child that is in your immediate community. If this isn't possible, however, there are many other options that can be favorable. If the child's grandparents — either your parents or your spouse's parents — live in your city, it can be advantageous to choose a daycare for your child that is near their home. Even if this means that you'll need to take a lengthy drive each day to drop your child off and pick him or her up, there are lots of advantages of choosing a daycare in such a location. [Read More]

3 Tips for Picking the Best Preschool for Your Child

Are you the parent of a young child? Have you been thinking about sending your child to preschool but you're not sure which one to choose? Picking the right school for your young child to attend can have an impact on their life beyond their preschool years. A good school can set up a foundation of learning and social skills that will help carry your child through kindergarten and beyond. This is why it can be so important to find the program that works the best for you and for your child. [Read More]

What Makes a Great Preschool Stand Out from a Decent One?

When it comes to choosing a preschool for your child, you want the very best. With many child care facilities in your neighborhood to choose from, how do you differentiate the great from the average? Here are a few guidelines. Policies A great school will be guided by a set of written rules. These will cover topics such as policy on sickness or on snacks. What is the policy on snacks? [Read More]